Certainly I am just one of those who named my brand after a loved one, but here's more. As someone who lived between cultures and much attracted to different lifestyles, fields and communities, I constantly find my identity in flux. It took me years of battling myself to come to embrace that. There is absolutely no need to fit myself or anyone in categories. It is not mandatory to answer who I am when I can just express that in an infinite amount of ways. The beauty in it all is the contradictions and all the in-betweens.

While we raise our puppy, a lot of this came up again. The goal of training is usually consistency and expected behaviors but at times it just doesn't work. Often in that processs, I remind myself that it is okay for her to oppose and to have conflicting ways of doing things because that is just her being herself. I hope to raise my fur child with the respect for her individual being and I want her to be treated just as how I would like to be myself. And Lambwolf came along as our little reminder for that.

how it started

As someone who would shop rentlessly for one thing, I was ulterly frustrated with the many products I bought for Mia. They were all well made but I just could not find something that I am completely content with. So, as someone who "made" my way through art school, I resorted to design and make my own. The pleasure one gets from creating something from scratch is irreplaceable. It is similar to growing a fruit tree from a pit, cooking a meal with every single ingredient sourced with care and to the point, just like raising a pet. The satisfaction calms the turbulence we experienced in 2020 and silently from my studio desk, it became the start of this all.

blurring the boundary between

pet + human things

We base our designs on the idea of a balanced relationship. From our walk sets to play objects, they are meant for both you and your pet. Our pets deserve well made products as much as we do and all of our collections are made with human grade materials from suiting fabrics to baby grade squeakers.

contemporary + functional

The key philosophy behind Lambwolf is to live more with less and we do not design for themed occasions. Based on the ideas of balance and optimum, our products are created to fit anything between a short potty stroll to the trails; a casual day or a sleek gathering. Our gear also has a versatile style that you can spontaneously switch between an outdoor adventure and city life.


One of the biggest factors for me in starting this all was to make sure it felt like a community. Beyond just making unique things and sharing them from my life, I wanted who stumbled across us to feel comfortable sharing stories about theirs. The difference between buying from a small business versus a megastore lies in the willingness to put trust forward and connect with people in quite a heart-warming way. So don't be a stranger!

Definitely a fashionable + everyday collar.

Love this collar! The color is soft, and matches almost anything! Both the hardware and collar are made with such sturdy material. Every time we're on the street, someone compliments it. Definitely a fashionable AND everyday collar that is both funtional and carefully crafted. The same can be said about Lambwolf's other products! @cottonprincesscotton

It's a super comfortable collar.

We love our FOSSIL weave collar! Not only do we love the design and color - it's a super comfortable collar for Ava that she wears all day. In fact, she actually runs towards us when she hears the collar because putting it on means her day if officially starting! The rings to attach the leash are super sturdy and ensure that we're able to guide her well whether we're walking in the city or hiking in the mountains. @avathejindog

The design and craftsanship is excellent.

Our JUPITER collar in Owl with the vintage brass hardware is absolutely beautiful. The design and craftsanship is excellent. With the quality of the materials used and the attention to detail we are extremely happy with the collar. Great service, answered all my questions, arrived in a timely manner and the packaging is reusable. @hola_presley

It is such a well-made and unique collar!

We got the beautiful FOSSIL collar in owl for our dog. It is such a well-made and unique collar! We love the color choices Lambwolf has! Our pup has a longer neck. The thicker collar width looks great on her and stands out amongst all her enck fluff. Love. @qqthejindo

It still looks as good as the day I got it!

I absolutely LOVE the FOSSIL collar on my pup, Nola. Not just because the Fuji paracord is so striking (the green color combo really stands out against her beige/tan fur), to put it simply the quality is top notch! I'm not sure if it's the materials, the weave itself (it looks so fancy!), or just that so much care went into creating it, but this collar is holding up better than I could have hoped. Nola is a bit of a wild pup and is still growing, and it hasn't faded or worn out anywhere. It still looks as good as the day I got it!! @nonstop_nola


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