NOMAD is made with an auto-locking aviation aluminum carabiner and a custom 3/8” or 1cm wide soft vinyl coated webbing material that is extremely lightweight but also durable with a layer of tightly woven nylon inside. A short tab is added to the front for a good grip + easy control. The entire long line can be rolled into a ball that fits in a palm!

We design this all weather leash for a good 'flow' using a pliable soft vinyl coated nylon webbing which also provides a good grip.

Nomad is made with a custom material to an optimal specification between strength and portability. We do not make it with the same regular material we use for our other leashes as that will make the long line very bulky. We want it to be able to fit in the pocket of your jacket or a small fancy pack. 

The 12ft/ 3.6m NOMAD X weighs 0.24lbs or 110g
The 20ft/ 6m NOMAD X weighs 0.34lbs or 155g
The 30ft/ 9m NOMAD X weighs 0.45lbs or 205g.

No matter how much you have dragged the leash in mud or dirt, you only need a wipe down to make this long line to look new again. The waterproof material will never retain moisture and prevents the bacteria growth. 

This long line is not supposed to be used as a tie down and knotting will damage the material. Do not knot the long line. This product is not chew- or cut-resistant. 

• 100% waterproof and odor proof
• 360 degrees rotatable swivel clip
• rust resistant hardware
• double stitching at both ends for lifetime durability
• recommended for dogs up to 30lbs or 18kg
• please note that this leash should not be used for tie-outs